Technical support

OptionWorkshop contains two buttons to help you interact with our technical support:

  • Open contact support form
  • Run remote desktop software

Contact support form

In the Contact support form you need to specify your email, the subject and a description of the issue.

Contact support form

To provide more complete information, it is recommended to check the switches

  • Include screenshot – to attach a screenshot of your current open OptionWorkshop windows; and

    We will only take a screenshot of the OptionWorkshop windows.

  • Include log file – to attach a log-file.

Send a message by clicking the OK button. A technical support answer will be sent to the address specified in the Email field.

Computer remote access

In some cases, our support team may need to get remote access to a user’s computer. To provide such support, you must send your ID and password to our specialist.

Computer remote access via TeamViewer

Sending debug information

To solve the problem the technical support may need the log files of the program. To send logs:

  1. Open the Settings window by clicking the button on the toolbar.

  2. Open the Support tab and click the Open configuration folder button.

    Support form

  3. Create a zip archive of the logs folder.

    Logs directory

  4. Attach the file to the ticket on the support portal.