To install Option Workshop, start the installer file OptionWorkshop-[version number]-EN.exe.

You must have administrator rights to install the software.

If a Windows security window (UAC) opens, click Yes.

By default, Option Workshop installs to the %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Option Workshopfolder, but you may alter this if necessary:

  • Click the Options button.
  • Click the Browse button in the opened window.
  • Select a new folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Click the OK button in the Setup Options window.

To start the installation select the I agree to the license terms and conditions check box and click the Install button.

The installation process takes a few seconds. When the Setup Successful information window appears, click Close to exit the installation wizard.

The shortcut to start the application will display on the desktop. All program settings are stored in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Option Workshop folder.

To save program settings, accounts, straregies and positions you need to create a backup copy of the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Option Workshop folder.

After installation, start Option Workshop and perform the initial configuration (see Settings page in documentation).