Getting Started

There are three ways to run OptionWorkshop:

  1. Double-click the OptionWorkshop shortcut on the Windows desktop:

    OptionWorkshop shortcut

  2. Double-click the OptionsWorkshop.Launcher.exe file in the %LocalAppData%\OptionWorkshop\app folder.

  3. Click on the OW shortcut on the Start menu.

The authorization window opens on the first launch of the application.

OptionWorkshop authorization window

Description of the authorization window provided in Table 1.

Table 1 - authorization window elements

Element Description
Buy license License purchase button
Email address The field for entering the email address for which the license was issued
Forgot password? “Forgot password” link to go to the password recovery page
Password Password field
Register Registration and trial license request button
Remember me The checkbox to remember the entered email and password
Sign in Application login button


To register and obtain a trial license (valid for 30 days), click the Register button.

OptionWorkshop register

A default browser window will open with a field for entering an email address. Enter the email address in the Your email field and click the Request button. We will send an email with licensing and login information to the specified email address after registration.

If you want to extend a trial license, please contact us through our support portal. Once a ticket is created, one of our team members will respond shortly.

After registering and obtaining a trial license, limited access to the Online OptionWorkshop will be granted.

License Payment

Click the Buy license button to pay for the license.

OptionWorkshop buy license

Or go to the Purchase page by clicking the Buy button on the menu on our website.

A default browser window will open with a payment form.

The order for requesting a license can be divided into three stages:

License parameters

  1. Select the desired features by activating/deactivating the checkbox. The basic kit and online application are activated by default.

    Select the desired features for OW

  2. Set the license validity period from the drop-down list.

    Set the license validity period for OW

  3. The total price will be displayed on the screen.

    Total price

  4. Enter your email (we will send an order confirmation and a link for paying the invoice to this address).

Currency and payment method

  1. Select the currency of payment.

    Select the currency of payment

  2. Select a payment method by clicking the appropriate button. After you click the payment button, we will send you an email with a payment link.

    Select a payment method

  • Information about the PayPal payment system can be found here.
  • You can find out what methods Paymentwall supports in your country here.

License verification and payment on the processing center page

After choosing a payment method, we will send a letter with information about the order to the email address you provided, including a list of features, license validity period, total price, and a link for paying the invoice.

Letter with information about the order

To pay the invoice, click on the Proceed to payment link. You will be redirected to the payment page of the processing center. After confirmation of payment, login information in OW will be automatically sent to the email provided with the order. Information about the processing center’s payment will be sent to the contacts you set when paying the invoice.

If you would like to change the license parameters, disregard the email, and return to the Purchase page and create a new order with the required parameters.

After purchasing the license, you have full access to the Online OptionWorkshop.


To authorize the application:

  1. Enter the email address set when registering the license.
  2. Enter the password received in the letter after paying for the license.
  3. Click the Sign In button.

You can log into the Online OptionWorkshop using this email and password.

OptionWorkshop authorization

To activate the software, you must have access to the Internet.

If the email and password are correct and the license has not expired, the main program interface will open.

OptionWorkshop has one active session. If the application was launched on several machines, authorization on them will be reset after starting the current session.