Placing orders for a whole strategy

In OptionWorkshop you can place orders on all instruments in the strategy. To do this right-click on a strategy and select the Open/Close command.

Buy/Sell command

You will see a form with a list of orders.

New orders form

Forms fields:

  1. Current trading account. You can select an account from the drop-down list;

  2. Current strategy. You can select the strategy from the drop-down list;

  3. Orders. Columns of the table:

    • Enable – select the orders to place by checking the checkbox;

    • Instrument – instrument code;

    • Operation – the order direction (buy or sell);

    • Quantity – number of contracts in the order;

    • Price – the order price. The price can be set manually or by using the buttons:

      • Same dir. – take the price of the best codirectional order. This order would be first in the Order book;
      • Mid – take the midmarket price (the arithmetic average of the best bid and ask prices);
      • Counter dir. – take the price of сounter order;
    • For buy orders the color of the Same dir. column is red, the Counter dir. column – green. For sell orders the opposite applies.

Table 1 – The color of the cells

Colour Description
Red – the best bid price
Green – the best ask price
Gradient – the arithmetic average of the best bid and ask prices

To place orders, click the Place orders button. The orders will be displayed in the Orders table. The general principle of working with orders is described here.