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Option Workshop, version 16.10.1227

In the new version of Option Workshop we have improved the fill manager’s functionality: improved working with several fills simultaneously, added new features and fixed some bugs. Also there are minor changes in strategies charts and templates. The details are below.

Fill manager

First of all we have improved its ability to work with several fills and added an ability to:

  • drag several fills simultaneously to a target strategy,
  • select a range of fills in the table by holding the Shift key.

24 October 2016

Option Workshop, version 16.10.1194

In our new version, we have added several improvements by request from our users, and fixed some interface bugs, the DDE export bugs etc. The new version can already be downloaded from our website or through the update system.

10 October 2016

What`s New in Option Workshop version 16.9

September is here and we have a whole new major update to talk about. There are several new features that have been added to Option Workshop to help our users trade as efficiently and effectively as possible. Without further ado, I’m going to talk about each of these feature, and what they allow.

23 September 2016

Adding positions to a strategy

There are different ways to add positions to a strategy in Option Workshop. The most convenient and quickest method is by dragging an instrument from the Option Desk’s table, and dropping it into the positions table. In this case a form with some pre-filled fields will open. And you can simply edit these if you wish. This video demonstrates this method of adding positions and a few other ways to do it.

18 September 2016

New Positions and Fills Manager Toggle Button

The next update, rolling out in the upcoming weeks, will include the ability to toggle between the Positions manager and the Fills manager on the same screen (see Fig. 1 and Fig. 2), among other changes. This change affects only the interface – the logic of working with positions and fills remains the same.

Figure 1 – the improved Positions interface, showing the Positions/Fills toggle button

Figure 2 – the improved Positions interface, showing the Positions/Fills toggle button

Our customer support experience has taught us that too few users know how to access the Fills form, and most are unaware it even exists. This is concerning, because fills management is inseparably linked with position management, a cornerstone of the whole product.

We hope this design improvement will encourage users to click on the Fills button and explore what lies behind it.

31 August 2016

Option Workshop, version 16.6.935

Get started wizard

Until now, when users first launched the main window they were greeted with a platform that was almost empty – there were no tables, no charts and so on. Because of this, there wasn’t any beginning point where a user could catch on and start to explore the software’s functionality.

Now, upon first launch Option Workshop will show the Get started wizard, which helps user with their initial setup.


We’ve added a pop-up tooltip for the position row in the positions table, which appears when the mouse pointer hovers over a row. The tooltip contains all the information from the table columns and some additional parameters.

The P&L(M) column now works for any instrument that is sending marketdata from Interactive Brokers or IQ Feed.

21 June 2016

Modelling a naked call position

Small intro about how-tos

We often hear the rebuke that our documentation is much too dry and much too technical. With this blog we’re going to breath in some personality into our public material. We’ll do this by examining some concrete use examples and describing how to solve them using our software. All posts of this kind will be registered in the how-to category, so it will be easy to filter them.

1 June 2016

Release 16.4.812

A lot of things have been done in this update! The new version can already be downloaded from the website or through the update system.

18 April 2016

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