Tuesday, 4 August 2020

ES 08-12-2020 bullish spread

Opened this beautiful bullish spread today.

  • eight days to expiration (08-12-2020)
  • max loss ~$850 per spread
  • max profit ~$1050 per spread
  • good time decay
  • many options to close before expiration with profit

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Day trading options

The term “day trading” assumes that a trader opens and closes positions within a single trading session and doesn’t take positions overnight.

Also, when talking about day trading, people generally think of instruments such as – equities, ETFs and futures. Not options.

However, let’s analyze whether we can use options for day trading and, if so, we should consider how to adjust trading styles and which nuances to focus on while trading options within such a short time frame.

2 December 2016

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